Coors Light

Now for a review of my least favorite beer, Coors Light.

The reason I chose this beer to review is not necessarily because it’s the worst, but because it sucks and yet has somehow managed to become the best-selling beer in Canada. If you check out the “Top 10” board at most Beer Stores, you’ll notice that more often than not, Coors Light is at the top.

Is this because it tastes good? Definitely not. I could see (maybe) if it was the cheapest beer available, but it’s not. People actually prefer this beer. This is carbonated water with a mild beer flavor. It’s beer for people who don’t like beer. And I’m not saying all light beers are bad. For instance, the Mill St. Organic is a light beer that actually tastes good, and it’s organic.

Sorry to everyone who drinks this beer and likes it.

Coors Light gets 0 Paul Westerberg heads. This beer makes Paul want to skip breakfast.


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