Anchor Steam Beer

The Anchor Brewing Company is one of my favorite American breweries, and their Liberty Ale has been a favorite of mine since the first time I had one. I also once had the privilege of trying the Anchor Porter and the Christmas Ale, which are just as great (never seen them in Canada though, let’s get on that LCBO).

Anchor Steam is their most famous beer and, although I disagree that it’s their best, I can see why it’s the most popular. Anchor Steam is 4.9% while the others I mentioned are around 6%. It’s amber in colour and has a slightly creamy texture. Basically, I find that it’s one of those beers you could drink all night (or day), which makes it great as a six-pack beer. It has a unique flavour that never grows old, just like their brewing method which apparently hasn’t been modernized at all (except for sanitization methods) since the beer was first made in 1896.

Anyway, in short, it’s a good beer… but it’s no Liberty. 3 and a half heads.


P.S. I’ve had this beer with breakfast. Highly recommended.


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  1. Definitely a top choice for BBQing! If the weather will only cooperate!

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