Ok, Rock n’ Roll.  This beer is right in there with the rest of the ‘super Belgium beers’.  Its another one of those beers that leaves you baffled as to how the Belgians can create an uber-strong beer that is disguised by a medley of tastes, be it herbs, fruits, caramels, mystical abbey dust.  Its really impossible to pick out the exact ingredients being tossed into the batch, but at 8.5% you will soon be enjoying its relaxing demeanor.  I’m really kicking myself for not getting that gift set with the official glass last Christmas.  But then again I already have more glasses and goblets than I know what to do with.

After giving this beer another try after not trying it for years, I have to say, it will give any great beer a run for the money.  It’ s got a long lasting tasty appeal that doesn’t get tiring.  You could easily see yourself drinking a few of these without a palette refresher or beer change.  It also has a very light foam that hangs around for a better part of the drinking session, only then to subside to a picture perfect lace.  Four Paul Westerberg heads.


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