St. Peter’s Winter Ale

The name given to this beer could not have been chosen with a more humble disposition towards the quality of this beverage. The warm color, aroma and flavour are without comparison, lending to a smooth, lingering sweet-bitter taste. Easily makes you forget that outside the weather is likely completely cold and dreadful. The St. Peter’s Winter Ale is one of three other seasonal beers, including a summer ale, strong ale and wheat beer.

These brews are only prepared during certain monthly intervals annually, so this gives folks initiative to enjoy the beer while you can get it, because soon you won’t find it until next year. This keeps into the rhythm of the physical seasons, but also of our natural acceptance, anticipation and expectation of great new things to come. Be it the first blooms of spring, the brilliant autumn leaves, or the next summer ale from St. Peter’s, good things come to those that wait. Once you get what you waited for, it only tastes sweeter.

Another glorious quality of the ale is that it is quite strong for an ale, levelling out at a 6.5% alcohol content. This ale is distinct in this way, for the beer in itself is not overly heavy, but this high concentration greatly enhances the ale’s potential at being a rich, lustrous drink. In all, an incredible beer that is well worth the wait. If you are not patient, stock up while you can. If St. Peter’s doesn’t teach you about patience and endurance, it at least shows you how to be prepared for the troubled times ahead (the summer without winter ale).

The St. Peter’s Brewery is situated in St. Peter’s Hall, Suffolk, England, which sounds like a very charming place. Sounds like a place where the local pub would have amazing beers… Visit their website for more information on their other amazing selection of finely crafted beers.

This beer gets 4 Paul Westerberg heads.

Maybe not for breakfast, but ideal with your Christmas ham. Or your summer salad. Just drink it.


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  1. Probably could use this as a base for an amazing gravy demi-glace on that Christmas ham.

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