Orval Trappist Ale

This opulent, complex beer gracefully fits in with the rest of the Trappist family, and in Belgium is referred to as the ‘Queen of Trappists’. The beer is a beautiful yellow-amber color, slightly cloudy, with a thick head. The distinct flavour is earthy and unusually fragrant, produced through the utilization of a special variation of yeast. The aftertaste is mildly fruity and sweet, with little bitterness. The 6.2% alcohol content compliments the warm, radiant color and ‘muddy’ complexion.

Orval is brewed in a Cistercian monastery in Belgium, and was founded in 1132. The beer started commercial production in 1931 but has been brewed at the abbey for centuries. With such a long history, those monks have certainly learned how to perfect the art of making a damn good beer.

Solid Trappist beer: 4 heads.


11 Responses

  1. Nice. I don’t drink this beer nearly as much as I should.

  2. This beer clearly deserves 5 heads! Whats wrong with you!

  3. Maybe I am being picky, but Chimay / Westmalle / Leff in my opinion gets 4.5, while Rochefort steals the show at 5 heads. 4 and 4.5 are still damn good beers, not very much that could be made better, but I am going for more flavour, more alcohol content, and a beer that you can never finish without being kicked in the ass.

  4. Yeah, seriously. I’ve only had like… 5 or 6 beers that I think are better than Orval. You’re a harsh critic man. At least give it four and a half! Those monks are gonna kick your ass.

  5. I can also only think of a few (mainly the other trappist / Belgian beers that I listed) that are better than Orval. It is way up there for sure, but I don’t know, I feel that it is still a step below Leff, Chimay and Westmalle because they are much more complex than the Orval in tems of flavour and texture. Duvel, in my opinion (like your opinion) deserves 4 heads, and believe that Duvel and Orval are very similar to each other, and thus deserve very similar rankings. Don`t piss on my parade.

  6. Ha.. Dan Walsh said the Leffe (pronounced ‘leff’ by us) is supposed to be pronounced ‘leffy’.

    Orval is like a 4.2 in my books.

  7. So that’s like… 4 heads and an ear.

  8. Y’all just make me wanna drink beer! 😀


  9. Duvel and Orval similar? Your a mad-man. Change it to 5 stars or God won’t let you into heaven. Ridiculous!!

  10. I’m still pissed about this! 5 heads.

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