A Good One and a Bad One

Ah, yes. Sounds delicious and is delicious. This isn’t the first time a Dieu du Ciel! beer has been reviewed here on BFB, and it surely won’t be the last. This brasserie from St-Jerome, Quebec has a whole slew of distinctive beers that don’t disappoint. These bad drivers really know how to add some serious character to their beer. Even the illustrations on the labels are awesome. It’s like listening to an album that has great artwork… just makes it that much better.

I’ve been drinking quite a lot of Dieu du Ciel! beers recently, and their Solstice d’hiver is just too good to not be reviewed. I guess this is technically a barley wine (it says so on the label), which kind of put me off at first. I haven’t had barley wine before this point, but om bought a bottle of Mill St. Barley Wine, drank it fresh (no aging), and was disappointed. Since he’s got good taste in beer, I have been skeptical of barley wines ever since I heard about his experience. However, having had only pleasant experiences with all the other Dieu du Ciel! brews, I thought I’d give it a taste. And I’m certainly glad that I did because this beer is great and it stands up to my other fav winter beers like St. Peter’s and Samuel Smith’s. And just like these other winter beers, it’ll only be around for a short period of time so now is the time to try one. It’s brewed once a year at the end of the summer, and is then aged until December when it starts to appear at local liqour stores. Its malty sweetness and strong alcohol percentage are a perfect blend making this brew velvety smooth, yet bold enough for the coldest of winter nights. Paul approves.

Once this is unavailable, I would also recommend trying their Rigor Mortis (a quad inspired by none other than Belgian Trappists) and Mortal Sin (an imperial coffee stout). While these beers are definitely a treat, I wouldn’t recommend trying to down a six pack in one sitting. Most of Dieu’s beers are considerably stronger than your average brew. The Solstice is 10.2% and even though it comes in a 341 ml bottle, it takes a while to get through. This is definitely the kind of beer I would start or end the night with.

After having this barley wine, I’m interested to taste what my 2008 Mill St. Barley Wine is like now that it’s been aged for a couple years. That’ll def be another review worth posting.

And now…

This doesn’t even deserve a proper review. This isn’t beer. How is it that something so awful is so popular? I find myself asking that question far too often. Save yourself the trouble of drinking this none-sense and dump it right where it’ll eventually end up anyway. Paul is not down.


3 Responses

  1. Not down with the bud light – just another junk beer.

    I am very interested in the 2008 Mill St. barley wine as well. Maybe we should crack mine open over Christmas..

  2. It would be cool if the picture was of you actually dumping a bud light in the toilette, notjust holng an empty bottle upside down over it.

  3. #1 REVIEW.

    I don’t think I saw this post until just now for some reason. Oh well.

    I agree with om. You should take a video of you dumping the bud light into the toilet.

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