Golden Draak

Beer 1 of 6 in the Exclusive Belgian Ales 6-pack imported from Belgium.

Golden Draak is an Extra Strong Beer, 10.5%, with an intense deep red colour, short yet thick head, tight bubbles with a good clarity to it.  It has a very very bold smell of strong fruit and a distinct tarnished odor.  You can really smell the alcohol off of this one as its, as it says, extra strong.  Got to love extra strong.

The Golden Draak has a solid bold thick taste, sweet yet strong.  It leave a sweet/alcohol after taste in the mouth like how a nice red wine with character will – but without the bitterness.  Its really quite addictive.  The tarnished off taste along with the sweet subtle fruit builds over time and is quite powerful.  Almost a berry fruit smell yet hard to pinpoint due to the high alcohol concentration.  The tarnished flavour tastes and smells much like Miso flavour, which is a rice based soup.  Perhaps there is some kind of rice product swimming around in this beer.  Excellent beer but it becomes far too bold and less palatable when it warms up – must drink @ 8˚C.

Golden Draak


This is a 6 part series of the Exclusive Belgian Ales – ‘6 Different Living Beers’ imported from Belgium found for a LIMITED time at the LCBO.  Its a rather expensive purchase ~ $18, but its definitely a must to try at least once.


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