Augustijn Blonde

Beer 2 of 6 in the Exclusive Belgian Ales 6-pack imported from Belgium.

This beer has a high foaming head off of the pour with medium to loose bubbles.  It has a large aroma of fruit that smells of a powerful edelweiss/hefeweizen beer and even has a strange hazy cloudiness in completion.  The high bubble and fruity taste leaves a good level of sweetness on your palate which contributes to an excellent finish.  Looks like a wheat bear, smells like a wheat beer, but its Beligan stong at 7%!  This one packs a tasty punch that wheat beers lack.

Augustijn Blonde


2 Responses

  1. Does all of this wheat talk mean that it is indeed brewed with wheat, or is it a flavouring added before the fermentation process?

  2. I don’t think it is. Here is the official description of their website.

    Colour blonde amber with a fluffy white head Alcohol volume 7,5% – 16° Plato Flavour malty (grains), fruit and hop flavours Taste full-bodied and mild, malted and hopped with a hint of vanilla Finish slightly bitter yet mild

    Its more of a malty blonde, but it looks and smells like a wheat beer. Try it if you can!

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