La Chouffe – Ardenne Stong Beer

La Chouffe – Ardenne Strong Beer is an 8% wonderful surprise in the beer world.  At first glance you might think this is some silly child’s drink from the cute-cute label depicting an elf gathering herbs and flowers.  However, this elf is collecting these herbs and flowers to make a seriously amazing beer.   It has a low head that quickly dissipates with medium to loose bubbles.  It gives off a fruity, sweet and extremely pleasant smell that is sure to make you smile as you know its going to be good.  It has a nice carbonation level with the sweetness of fruity herbs from this clear golden ale.  It has a superb finish with a sweet and refreshing floral taste that lingers for a while.  I would honestly say this is the perfect beer.  Excellent flavor, excellent balance of sweetness and hoppiness, not dark or complex but great none the less.  La Chouffe will leave its traces on the sides of you your tongue which will make you crave this beer, so you can’t help but drink it fast.  I wish every ‘regular’ beer was like this – delicious!

La Chouffe


3 Responses

  1. This makes me feel hoppy…:)


  2. Have you tried the Choufee Bok beer. I have been trying some of the different Bok or Bock and Choufee was the best of the bunch that I have tried. I don’t know why the bottle just had Choufee and not La Choufee but if you get a chance you should try it.

  3. I was so impressed by La Chouffe that I would gladly buy any and every different offering that Chouffe had to offer. I am very fascinated that they have a Bock as it seems that most of the Belgian abbey ales stick to their dubbels and tripels. None-the-less, I am on the hunt for the Bok! Thanks for the heads up!

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