Boris Organic

This beer has intrigued me for some time. I continually see it available at every LCBO that I go to, and to be honest I don’t really know what made me pass up the opportunity to try it. I had heard mixed reviews about it, and frankly even if this were a decent beer it would still be a discovery worth justifying. Better to know a beer, even if it is terrible, than to live with the unknown, never even giving something a try.

So, last week when I stepped into the LCBO in Lindsay, Ontario (which is always packed by the way, seeing it is the only LCBO for probably a one-hundred kilometre radius) to check if the selection had changed over my reading week, I noticed that the Boris Organic was on sale for $1.95. I thought that if I was not going to take this opportunity to try it, then I never was. So, I picked up two. I am currently drinking my first one as I write this.

Anyways, onto the review. Boris Organic is a solid beer. It is extremely similar to the Mill Street Organic. It is not particularly flavourful, but it makes up for that with a great deal of subtleties. The head on the beer (this one ought to be poured quickly) is not particularly prominent, but remains for a while and forms a nice lace around the edge of the glass.  There is great deal of carbonation, too. The aroma is pretty skunky, but sweet and fresh. The flavour is loaded with characteristic hops and malt, but with remnants of corn and wheat with a light, soft aftertaste.

Overall, a satisfying experience. A regular beer, nothing sophisticated, but with its own unique flavours. I would be content to drink this beer over and over. It isn’t really full of flavour, but IS a flavour that I wouldn’t get bored with. Plus it’s organic, which gets points considering it can take close to twice as long for an organic beer to be produced than a regular one made with the exact same ingredients. Even under these more strenuous conditions, for both the plants and farmers involved, the final product certainly requires some admiration.

Great anytime drink. Somehow, when I am drinking it I feel like I should be at an Apple Orchard.


4 Responses

  1. Nice. Yeah, this beer is decent. I think I may have to pick up a couple of these…

  2. Is this an ale or a lager? I will give this one a shot – I liked the Boris beer I had a long time ago.

  3. It’s a lager.

    Also, it’s brewed by… Moosehead? So is St-Ambroise apparently. Bonkers!

  4. Hmmm. I’ll have to pick some up.

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