Palm Belgian Amber Ale

Are you serious? This is considered an average beer in Belgium? I am making this assumption purely on the fact that these beers are available in 6 packs. You would never see any of the other completely incredible Belgium brews such as Chimay, Westemalle or Rochefort in 6 packs. Then again, you can find Leffe Blonde AND brun in 6 packs. Nevermind. To conclude, I am not really sure where this beer fits in with the rest of the Belgian line of brews.

This is a really good beer. Has a bright, golden-orange color and is an excellent balance of sweet and bitter flavours. Quite creamy and smooth as well. The head is short and thin, but lingers on, unevenly dissipating so as to form curles of froth on top. At 5.4%, it’s got more of an alcoholic bite. The aftertaste is bold and very malty. Scent is fresh.

Bravo. 3.5 Heads.


4 Responses

  1. I didn’t remember what Palm was until I saw the picture of the bottle. Not very memorable. Don’t know if I’d buy a six pack of it, but I guess options are limited when you’re in the boons. I’ll try and bring some beers that warrant more than 3.5 when we visit.

  2. Yeah, I bought a 6-pack and brought it to Rob’s halloween party. I didn’t think much of this beer, mind you the beer was still pretty warm. It was OK, but nothing special in my opinion. I might try it again, but probably not.

  3. Had it on tap in an old typical tavern in NY and it was great. I have been looking for a replacement for my beloved NEW AMSTERDAM ale. It’s a contender.

  4. It’s decent, but certainly not a preium Belgian beer. (We are Belgian citizens.)

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