Lake of Bays Pale Ale

Despite how local this beer is, you really don’t see it available all that much. This beer is brewed at the Lake of Bays brewery that is located in, you guessed it, Lake of Bays. That is one of those ‘you blink you miss it’ towns in central Ontario, in the Muskoka region. I did a review on several different beers that I experienced during my duration working for Algonquin Park ( and this is one of the beers that was available that I never got to try. I found this beer at the Lindsay LCBO, and even in THIS town this beer just appeared two weeks ago and may very well not be available anymore.

Anyhow, I don’t really understant why this beer isn’t common in southern Ontario. It is nothing spectacular, but it is certainly better than a lot of disasters that are found everywhere you look. Plus, it is local and should therefore take priority over imports.

As for the beer, it is pretty ordinary, although it has nice malt complexity and is rather sweet, with little bitterness. This would be a good ale to ween someone onto if they did not like really skunky, pungent or bitter brews. It has minimal spice, which is something I strive for in an ale, so that really effects my impression. The lack of spice left a little flavour to be desired, and didn’t contribute to any sort of richness. Overall, not bad but nothing special. I would pick it up once just to say that you tried it. I chose it because it was different and I like supporting local industry, even if they are not super-fantastic.

2.5 heads.


3 Responses

  1. I’ve been meaning to try this, but it’s hard to devote yourself to buying a six of something new when there’s the tried-and-true local sixes to choose from like Tankhouse and Hoptical Illusion.

  2. Yeah, I know what you mean. When neither of those beers exist in Lindsay, the Lake of Bays beer is higher up on the trophic level of choices.

  3. The Beer Store there doesn’t even carry Mill St. products? Unacceptable.

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