Having just cleaned and sanitized my recently acquired 750ml GLASS bottles, I syphoned the brew out of the initial fermenter into a glass carboy where I mixed it with 184 grams of fermentable sugar (8g per litre).

With the aide of Dr. Sean Gadoury, we filled 32 and a half of the 34 bottles with the (hopefully) tasty concoction. A special thanks, as well, to Dr. Chris Veska for lending me his syphon pump and bottle capper.

And now… waiting for the beer. These bottles will stay hidden away in Jay’s studio for at least a week for secondary fermentation (carbonation). I am definitely going to try one after a week because I’m too anxious to wait 2 weeks, but the rest will remain here for 2 weeks to get even tastier. I’ll probably keep a couple to age as well.

Check back in a week to read my initial homebrew review.


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  1. Loooots of tasty beer there.

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