Maredsous Triple

Drinking Maredsous Tripel at Raven Bay.

I don’t think I could have possibly consumed this beverage under any more of a perfect atmosphere. Campfires, at least in my perspective, seem to bring out the personalities of beer best. Perhaps it is something to do with being outside? Perhaps it has something to do with the ancient traditions of open air fermentation? Whether or not this is true: I find that the musky, damp scents of wood and earth beautifully compliment any alcoholic beverage, especially one as incredible as Maredsous.

Measured at a liver-bursting 10.5% it is certainly going to leave a lasting impression. I have only ever sampled this ‘genera’ of beer before, at ‘Chester’s Beers of the World’ in Hamilton. In that establishment, I partook in a Maredsous Dubel, and now I can cross off the strongest of the family of three. I have only ever seen Maredsous available in a liquor store at Christmas time when all the other amazing beer families come out from hiding in the form of gift packs.

Another astonishing Belgian beer with a staggering complexity of sweet malt flavors and distinct levels of bitter tones and hops. The flavour is so complex and deep, yet still gentle on the palate, I have a hard time describing it’s character except by concluding that it is without a doubt a masterfully crafted beverage. A glorious treat for a camping excursion (or any atmosphere, really). A well deserved 5 heads.


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5 Responses

  1. Werd up! 🙂 ❤

  2. That ain’t no Trappist! It is, however, definitely a quality beverage. And that photo is amazing. Desktop!

  3. 5 heads? What up with that? It’s a good one but its not in the league of champions. Though I love their chalices,. they are awesome. You’re not awesome because I’m guessing you drank that out of the bottle. If you did, you get zero heads.

  4. I definitely did not drink that out of the bottle, I brought an appropriate vessel in which to consume it. Don’t be hating at my rating, that is what this website is for; we don’t all have to agree. Sorry for the error, I thought it was Trappist. An edit will commence.

  5. But seriously, Orval = 4, Maredsous = 5? Booo…

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