Bacchus Vlaams Oud Bruin

I’ve decided that I’m going to wait a while before I do a review of my home brew. I want to allow a few more days for secondary fermentation before I slap a rating on it. I think doing a review after only a week and a few days is a bit premature. Conditioning the beer beyond two weeks will only make it better, and I want to give the brew a chance to be at it’s “topest.”

In the meantime, here’s a birthday beer review:

I went in the Chester’s and asked if they had anything new and exciting that was Belgian. The bar tender suggested that I try Bacchus Vlaams Oud Bruin (or Bacchus Flemish Old Brown). This is a “sour ale” which has a similar flavour to lambic beers. This sour flavour is achieved by aging the beer for a few years in oak-vats or by actually adding wood to the beer during the fermentation process (seriously).

To me it tastes like an acidic fruit beer… but without the fruit. Although it was refreshing, it wasn’t the type of beer I was hoping for. I’ve never been a big fan of extremely acidic-tasting beers. I don’t like acidic coffees either, which is why I tend to avoid African coffee. I was hoping for something bold, sweet, and aromatic. This is quite the opposite. I think this is more of a personal preference issue and doesn’t necessarily mean that this beer is bad, but I’m not down. I guess I just don’t like sour ales.

Oh yeah, and the 330ml bottle of this that I had cost me $20! The only reason I got it is because it was my birthday and I decided some splurging would be acceptable. $20 for this beer, however, is NOT acceptable.


I’m giving it 2 heads based on the effort that went into producing it. I’m not impressed with the flavour or the price… or this asshole:

I did have a good beer that same night as well. I will be posting that review shortly.


3 Responses

  1. That assholes beer is depicted as a nice foamy ale of which brings many smiles. False advertisement as it obviously did not bring the foam or the smiles.

  2. Asshole = Conan?

  3. Ha ha… completely.

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