Bobby’s Brew

After conditioning the beer for a while longer than the instructions suggested and having some friends and family taste it, I think it’s time for a review. About half of the beers have been consumed, so I have had many opportunities to get some feedback and form my own opinions. All in all, this experience has just left me wanting to make more beer… immediately. I want to wait until most of the beer is gone (which shouldn’t be much longer) so I can reuse the bottles that I purchased for this new batch. I must say that the beer turned out quite well, and I would recommend home brewing to anyone. It’s a fun hobby and it’s not very expensive or time-consuming. It really just takes a few hours and you get a bunch of tasty beer and you also save a lot of money. After making a few batches, the initial cost of buying the equipment and supplies is probably equal to the amount you would have spent buying beer.

Now that I have made beer the easiest way possible, I’m going to try upping the challenge and deviate from the most basic of recipes. I’d like to customize the beer and start creating my own recipe. That way I can work towards creating something that is geared specifically to my tastes and preferences. Ideally, I would like to always have some tasty home brew on hand as an everyday drinking beer and only rely on the LCBO for unique specialty beers. Like I said before, even if you’re a casual beer drinker that doesn’t really venture out searching for new specialty beers, brewing beer at home is a much better option. It’s much cheaper than buying even the cheapest beer at the store, and it tastes about 100 times better. Even though this was my first batch, I would take my IPA over any generic beer served at most bars in the area. So what does that say about the quality of these mega breweries when the beer I made in a plastic bucket in my bathtub is better than the swill they’ve been marketing for who knows how long?

Anyway, on to the actual review. Like I said, I have shared my brew with quite a few people already, and Bobby’s Brew (or Rob Nagy’s IPA, whatever) has received some pretty favourable reviews. James and Jordan (of Steel Mountie fame) both gave the beer a 3.5 out of 5, as did my dad. My grandpa (who isn’t supposed to drink, but made an exception to try my creation) even said it tasted… like beer! Caitlin Anne Eady even went as far as to say that it tastes like Liberty Ale! That is some serious praise.

So here’s what I think:

The beer has a very assertive bitterness. That’s the first characteristic that hits my palette, at least. It has a very mild hop flavour and a pleasant aroma. It’s very crisp, and with a lower alcohol percentage it makes for a great a summertime beer (good timing). Like I was saying earlier, there’s so much that you can do with home brewing, this batch of beer just leaves me wanting to make more. I’m positive that my next batch will turn out better. Hopefully it will have a more potent flavour and higher alcohol percentage. Overall, it’s not bad… but could definitely be better.



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  1. Excellent work, Robert. I am excited to try the bottle that you have reserved for me, and my estimation is that it will taste even better and possibly even have a higher alcohol percentage because it has had some time to mellow out and the flavors to become more complex. It shall be a treat.

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