Southern Tier Double India Pale Ale

I first sampled a taste of this New York brewery in the form of their Creme Brulee Stout, which was deliciously rich and creamy but very sweet. After that experience, a number of months later I tried Southern Tier’s Gemini, which was fantastically full bodied and flavourful. Since trying both these beers, I was under the impression that this brewery produced impressively rich and filling beers that were best enjoyed with moderation. Drinking beers like the latter two every few days would numb my senses (I think) and leave myself constantly overwhelmed.

Given all this, I was pleasently caught off guard by seeing their ‘Double Pale Ale’ amongst the shelves, which I purchased from the Dundurn L.C.B.O. this afternoon. It cost me less than 3 dollars, and is a hilariously intoxicating 8.2%. This beer is really, really good. It is exceptionally ‘Humulus’ in flavour (It is in fact brewed with 4 different varieties of hops) and refreshing with a punch. The bottle also mentions that this beverage contains 3 types of malt, which is apparently impressive or else they wouldn’t have bothered to mention that.

The aroma is moist and fresh, the color dark gold; a pretty good one. Might not be the best beer produced by Southern Tier in my opinion, but their attempt at an India Pale Ale was most certainly a success.

* I walked about 45 minutes to the L.C.B.O. to get this beer. If anyone felt how humid it was today, you know what I went through.


2 Responses

  1. Nice review. And yeah, this beer is quite delicious.

    Wait until you see what I found in Quebec!

  2. Looks tasty 😀

    I picked up some treats in Toronto…
    including my very own Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout!

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