Duchy Organic Old Ruby Ale

The first time that I tried this beer was actually months ago, when I spend three months living an alternative (and in my view, idealistic) lifestyle trying my hand out at organic farming on the west coast of British Columbia. There, the Powell River liquor store had this beer in stock at all times. I had only ever tried a sip of someone else’s, but I finally decided that I would give this beer a whole-hearted taste and review it myself.

This a pretty good one. Organic too, so it gets points for effort and conscience contribution. Has a nice rolling, soft texture and smooth flavor. Not very spicy, but complete and satisfying. As the name implies, it has a nice ruby red color. I would certainly recommend trying it, I would get this again if there were non of the trappist family of beers available or other great English masterpieces like St. Peter’s or Samuel Smith. Decent, and also organic, which is admirable.


2 Responses

  1. This beer is pretty tasty, I agree, a good once in a while kind of beer.

    There is no LCBO in BC though Thomas, LCBO stands for Liquor Control Board of Ontario.

  2. Haha… you are absolutely right.

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