Dead Elephant Ale

Dead Elephant Ale – 6.5% Strong Ale

So I hand-wrote a review for this great beer a while back but haven’t posted it up yet.  Perhaps I was letting it age, har har..  This one is from the Railway City Brewing Company in St. Thomas, Ontario (where-ever that is).  But these fine folk really know what they are doing.  First off, good work on the label.  It makes anyone casually walking through the lcbo instantly notice this beer.  Curb appeal.

This beer pours a dark gold with a short lived – short head, mostly clear in complexion.   It has a smaller, perhaps more subtle nose with a bitter, fresh and fruity hoppy smell to it.  A lower bubble to it, but a nice (NICE) hoppy flavour with slight bitterness.  You can taste a slight sweetness that is just delicious – a real fresh flavor to it and is velvety smooth.  Hold on a sec!  “Serve within 45 days.”  What??  What is the meaning of this?  I’d like to know.

Overall its a nice beer!  Ashley thinks it smells like poison.  4 heads.


5 Responses

  1. Yeah, it’s really tasty. I tried it once a few weeks ago and when I went back for more – gone! I haven’t seen it since. Rob informs me that the same brewery has a “Double Dead Elephant Ale” and it’s on-tap somewhere in Hamilton.. maybe he’ll remind us where..?

  2. He lies! That is just absurd! I’d want to see the label on that one though. It better be double awesome.

  3. Why, it’s at the Winking Judge, of course. And might I add it is quite… delicious? Mmm? Double awesome indeed.

  4. St. Thomas is located somewhere jsut north of Lake Erie, within an hour or so drive of Long Point Provincial Park. The Nagy clan took a day trip down there sometime in August and Rob and myself visited the Railway City Brewery.

    It is very similar to the Robert Simpson Brewery in Barrie (which brings us Hoptical Illustion and the rest of the Flying Monkey beers) where there is a store where you can buy the beer, as well as some tourist-y paraphernalia BUT you cannot get a pint on site, which was a real downer.

    Rob and I picked up a bunch of their other beers, such as their Blonde Ale and Copper Ale. They were both pretty decent.

  5. They can sell their beer but cannot serve it on site… Thanks Alcohol and Gaming Commision Onatrio!!

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