It Starts…

The other day I stopped into my friendly neighbourhood Liquor Depot to purchase a six-pack of Tankhouse that has miraculously made an appearance amongst the plethora of bland, mainstream beers that the Jackson Square store has to offer. Needless to say, I was more than pleasantly surprised to find that they still had Tankhouse, and also… Christmas gift sets! And St. Pete’s Winter Ale! WTF indeed! This is probably the best stock that this LC has ever and will ever have. I just did more than half of my Christmas shopping! Consumerism! Yes! Feels great. Although there’s still a few sets that I’m really looking forward to that usually make an appearance closer to the anniversary of the birth of Santa.


4 Responses

  1. Haha… I was wondering when this photograph would surface. Probably the best one taken that night.

    Anyhow, that is an exceptionally good selection of beers for that particular LCBO, usually Jackson Square sucks. I just visited my local Elsie and there are no gift packs available… yet. Hopefully they will appear soon so I can get some Christmas shopping done too.

    Wait, what? Christmas shopping? Winter? Snow? It is currently 15 degrees outside and I biked to the college in a t-shirt. Definitely the last opportunity for that this year, or perhaps this unseasonal warming trend will continue until the world’s oceans will start boiling.

  2. Also, congrats for 3 POSTS IN A SINGLE NIGHT. That is not happened before on any of our community blogs. We clearly all love the internet.

  3. Best-time-of-the-year! aka… I-spend-too-much-money-on-beer-time-of-year!

    Seriously this is the only thing that makes me excited during the Christmas season. It’s the same feeling that a child gets when they go to Toys R’ Us with Christmas money..

  4. “closer to the anniversary of the birth of Santa.”
    Made me lol.

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