The Southern Steal

The Southern Steal is a strong 8% IPA homebrew that was made from yeast harvested (stolen!) from two bottles of Southern Tier Double IPA.  This is the same yeast that I pitched into the DCGPS (double chocolate ginge….).  I knew that the Southern Tier beers were ripe for the plundering with their high level of sediment/yeast slurry found at the bottom of their beers.  I also know that this yeast was capable of handling higher gravity beers since the 2XIPA is ~8 to 9%.

Here was the recipe that I concocted for this beer (mostly just stuff that I had lying around)…


12 lbs – German Pilsner Malt

10 oz – Biscuit Malt

3 oz – Special B Malt

3 lbs – Table Sugar (too cheap for Belgian Candy Sugar, so I subbed this in to get the % higher)


1.2 oz – Willamette

0.75 oz – Galena

0.5 oz -Perle

0.5 oz – Hallertau

0.5 oz – Saaz

Total IBU is 41.7 = less than a liberty (49 so I’ve heard)

So whats it like?  Its good.  It spend almost two months fermenting and another month or two cold conditioning in my keg.  Its mellowed out some, but its not very hoppy really (for an IPA).  The reason I think its not very hoppy in taste or bitterness is probably because of the table sugar and higher gravity.  The sugar definitely gives a character to this beer, not cidery but subtle sweet.  Its almost a perfect balance really, one that makes this beer very drinkable.  But be forewarned, sip this one because its strong.  It smells mostly of the pilsner malt and a touch of that sugar sweetness and tastes like it too.  Overall its a very nice beer that is also very clear.  Unlike the Orange Bastard beer that I made, this yeast did its job and fell out of suspension quite well.  For its strength it really didn’t need much time to age into a beauty.  Its like a twisted cousin to a pilsner.  Come by and try it out while supplies last.

The Southern Steal – 3 homebrew heads


3 Responses

  1. Nice work. I should invite myself over to your place sometime.

  2. That is an ideal set up that you have there, Chris. Taps with a white board behind them to strategically display what lies inside? I’m really jealous. Sounds like a winner to me, excellent yeast-stealing and re-birthing.

    P.S. You stole my Paul Westerberg head!

  3. Come on over guys, Its worth a try. Give me a holler.

    Yes, its turning into an epic setup alright. You know, its beer after all!
    Don’t be jealous, come and enjoy some brew and make your own epic setup.

    Yeast harvesting is really interesting. Most good bottles of beer have yeast just sitting there. I almost have a problem with throwing away/washing out bottles that I’ve opened to drink that have the good stuff sitting in them..

    P.P.S. I’ll give you your Paul Westerberg heads back if you change Orval to a 5 head rating! I think you need to re-try the Orval.

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