Flying Monkeys’ Super Collider

This past Saturday, the B4B crew got together at Chris’ place to partake in our first ever group brew (post coming soon). While we were brewing, we had a bit of downtime to drink some beer and do a couple of group reviews. Since we were all together, we decided to try doing a video review. Keep in mind we had all had a few by this point! Anyway, Chris was kind enough to share his Super Collider with the whole group. Special thanks to guest reviewers Alex and Neil.


I did take a photo of the notes and opinions we had written down, but apparently I was not capable of focusing the camera by that point…


2 Responses

  1. Nice! First video review! I don’t have sound on my computer so I used the closed captioning feature on youtube. I really like the comment from Ioni, “Its absolutely great…like concrete”.

    Definitely a beer to share. If you are greedy and drink it all yourself you will be punished by the hops.

  2. Your camcorder is really nice, Rob, excellent filming capabilities despite ‘having a few’. The photo with Kitty may just be the crown on the top of this review.

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