Raise a Little Helles

Here’s another video review. This one is for Beau’s Helles Lager. This is more of a summer beer than a winter beer, but whatever…


We never did arrive at a rating for this one… maybe we can discuss it in the comments section?

Note: Helles is a lager, not an ale. Fail.


3 Responses

  1. I’ve been so lazy lately, I haven’t posted anything yet. I’m yet to take the pictures off my camera. Good work Tom, you’re keep things moving here.

    The Helles Lager was quite good. Quite earthy/grainy really. I suppose that is the ‘organic’ element of the beer, but it makes me feel like im drinking a beer in barn. Which is not a bad thing, just different. I don’t think that you can get more clean and neutral than this beer, so I’d say its a winner on that regard. For the style of beer I’d say its a 3.5 to 4. Its flavour profile is definitely something that I haven’t encountered before, so I give praise to that.

    PS: I still have to transfer the beer into the secondary. It can stay there for a while to mature a bit, and in the meantime we can schedule a bottling day. There were 6 of us, so at my calculations we each need to bring 12 x 330ml(standard size) bottles.

  2. Despite my winning photo being at the top, Robert is the one responsible for this post. I agree with you on the rating, this beer was pretty unique for a lager with that ‘wide open spaces’ sort of grassy flavor.

    That is a lot of beer… I am really going to have to get some bottles from some of my friends, or just drink a lot the first week back at school.

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