Calamus Ale Version 2.0

I think B4B should start a YouTube channel…

I’ll post the videos and photos from the Grand Reserve bottling real soon.


5 Responses

  1. Since I don’t have sound on my computer I decided to use the YouTube closed caption option. The following is your transcribed review…

    that is really not doesn’t a spiritual.
    its policy.
    a nice place to live periods there.

    It’s about power products are yet so I guess.

    Yes it’s he’s sold to out not for here as possible so scott wale hold true here which is more security (Rob holds Leffe chalice up to camera).

    Being trained like people in the evening aside all subtracted centurion there waiting list for promoting is really easy yet the satellite there’s no warranty.

    Colleges life parts like aspirin and this strain it and sitting on the scene and strength on big sets an access from spirit soul and his sister searching font just returning from the f_b_i_ with art.

    Back here do you know the people there and he’s written beer drinkers. Handouts of the senate opportunities offices used really soon here their nevertheless releases

    (Rob hands beer to person off camera)
    it’s really getting grain reserved. Loaded for another month carbonated and I think the second balanced online english here natural are like that one hundred years.

    So, I’m taking it that this beer is pretty good with descriptions of “Stronghold”, “Its Policy” and “It’s about power products…”. How many Scott Wale heads does this beer get?

  2. Ha ha… that is amazing. There’s music playing in the background so maybe that’s why the captions are all wonky.

    Although, I must say, that is absolutely brilliant. Best review yet.

  3. Hahaha! Awesome review, and awesome review review.

  4. Youtube has clearly captured the dynamic essence of this beer. Excellent video review, our longest yet.

  5. BWAHAHA I just caught up with this and I >watched it with the captions too!” And that’s exactly what I got. Hmm… I liked to music playing too. 🙂


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