A dark brown, ruby-reddish, “worn leather jacket” coloured beer. It’s well carbonated and kind of cloudy with a thick head that dissipates to the perimeter. It smells like a lemon tree. The flavour of this warming, strong Belgian ale is very complex. It took a few sips to appreciate it. At first it seemed to be too sweet, but after a few sips I began to enjoy it more. It’s not syrupy, it is very sweet, but refreshing.  The are definite hints of molasses, liquorice, prunes, pear, sour cherry and other dark fruit, but the strongest flavour and after-taste is of lemon. It’s also quite “bready” or “yeasty”, would probably make a lovely lemon loaf (ah yes, alliteration). The after-taste definitely also leaves a warm alcoholic feeling behind.

9% ABV

Good beer, don’t know that I’ll buy it again for a while though, a little sweet for my taste. 3.5 out of 5 heads.


5 Responses

  1. Other websites say is has over 300 calories per bottle. Delicious! Sounds like an amazing beer, but such a low rating. I think you should buy one of these and sit on it for a year. I bet you it will mellow out and turn out great. Most of these big beers are too sweet when they are fresh – all they need is a little aging. It looks awesome though.

  2. A beer review? Weird.

    I don’t remember if it was you or Tom that brought me one of these, but I do remember it being delicious. I kept it for quite a while before consumption, so I’m pretty sure Chris is right. Maybe buy a couple and then drink them in the fall.

    The label is awesome too. I bet if you drank a few of these in one sitting you’d be riding a giant book through the cosmos as well.

  3. Yeah, it definitely needs age. I took small sips of this for a loong time, and eventually had enough, I didn’t quite finish it. Blasphemy.

  4. Sounds like Samichlaus! The self proclaimed ‘best beer in the world’.

  5. From what I remember that beer was exceptionally sweet, but had lots of wacky flavours to keep you preoccupied and not so concerned about the sugar content. 300 calories… I should be drinking these bad boys all the time. Interesting that all beers don’t need to have their caloric value displayed like pretty much all other foods and beverages do.

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