“The Sun Has Left Us On Time” Steam Beer

As Chris suggested I have moved my Imperial Stout into a secondary fermenter and am now in the process of cooling my wort from “The Sun Has Left Us On Time” Steam Beer to pitch onto the yeast from the Imperial Stout. The Stout is merrily fermenting away in its new home, where it will live for another 3 weeks or until there is next to no sign of active fermentation. Below is a picture of the Imperial Stout that was taken after I had filled the secondary fermenter and was removing the last bit of beer, leaving the yeast behind for this new beer. I thought I would have a little taste. Note the chunks of hop debris floating on top, apparently I need to use a finer strainer. This was definitely tasty, very yeasty and flat, of course, but it has got potential!

Here is the recipe I used for “The Sun Has Left Us On Time” Steam Beer:

1/2 lb. crystal malt
8 lbs. light malt extract
1 oz. Northern Brewers hops (boiling)
1/2 oz Northern Brewers hops (finishing)
1/2 oz Willianette hops (finishing)
The yeast cake from the bottom of “Honey Imperial Stout”

And I plan on using 1 1/4 cups blackstrap molasses for priming.

The finishing hops were supposed to be Cascade hops, which I thought I had, but I did not, I had Willianette hops left over from last time. I don’t think this beer will be as botanically aromatic as it would have if I did use Cascade — too bad. The Cascade hops smell GREAT, these other 2 varieties smell.. good.

This beer recipe also called for lager yeast, not ale yeast which I am using. It is not going to turn out how it is described in the book that I got it from. Also considering that there is going to be some flavour and colour from the Honey Imperial Stout that was left behind with the yeast. Hopefully it will be really good despite all this, but I am having some doubts to be honest, the lack of Cascade hops was truly disappointing.

Here is the wort coming to a boil with the crystal malt in it (no malt extract or hops at this point):

Here is the final wort coming back up to a boil (note the colour — not what you would expect from a “steam beer” recipe):

I’ll keep you updated on the progress of both of these beers.


4 Responses

  1. Oh yeah, I forgot to include the method that I came up with for the hops. Since I am using pelleted hops, there is a lot of very fine hop matter that ends up in the fermenter due to the fact that the hops break apart into powder once they get wet. In the case of this steam beer I added the finishing hops in tea bags (the kind you can get from loose-leaf tea.) I put them in for 2 minutes at the end and then just took them out, no residue left behind in the fermenter.

  2. Awesome man! Don’t worry about getting extra hops or break material in your fermenter! It won’t harm the beer at all – it all settles to the bottom anyway.

    You want Cascade in this brew? Easy! Dry hop it! When you move it over into a secondary, add an ounce of Cascade hops directly into the secondary with the beer. Deliciousness awaits! That will give your brew a wonderful hoppy aroma, but no added bitterness.

  3. Also, I punched the details of the The Sun has left us on Time brew into my brew program.

    (assuming 5 gallons)
    Its going to be 6.9%, slightly malty, 28.4 IBU (bittering units). Original gravity should have been 1.071 and Final Gravity should be 1.018.

  4. Cool, thanks for the info!

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