Clean the Cupboards Ale

Before I ever got the crazy notion of making a Lager, I decided that I should do a little bit of spring cleaning (in February).  I decided to use the leftover grains and hops that have been kicking around for a while to make a nothing special drinking ale.  I shot for 5% IPA-ish brew that wouldn’t take very long to go from grain to beer to belly.  Here are some of the ingredients that I used.  However, I cannot comment about the proportions of anything because I kind of got a little happy with drinking some leffe brun and smashbomb..


2 row pale malt

pilsner malt

special b

crystal 45L


Mt. Hood

Styrian Goldings





Safale US-05 Dry Yeast

I actually haven’t used dry yeast before up until this point.  I did not rehydrate the yeast so it did take a little while to get going.  Everything went fine, primary fermentation took only 5 days.  I did however leave the beer in the primary for 3 week until I moved it over to the keg where it was force carbed for a week.

How about the review?  Well it is a nice amber colour, simple head that dissipates over a few minutes, quite clear in complexion.  It has a floral aroma and taste to it, most likely given from the noble hops that I used, with a slight bitterness that fades quickly but leaves a residual flavour behind.  Its nicely carbonated and quite refreshing – not too dry, not too sweet.  You can get the slightest hint of the special B malt in there with a faintest of prunes dancing around on your tongue.  Refreshing, floral, fresh, tasty!  I enjoyed this brew with a bag of spicy cajun peanuts, and while its probably not the best pairing, it was heaven during the middle of watching a baseball game.

A very average brew that I will probably make again next year.


7 Responses

  1. Nice work, sounds pretty good for cleanin’ out the cupboards. Kind of like Friday night dinner when I’m cleanin’ out the fridge.

  2. Sounds great! So when are we going to have a fire on the beach and drink some?

  3. This weekend. Its going to be warm out, but maybe a little rain. Are you free for some drinking?

  4. We’re going to a concert Saturday night and I have to close Friday and Sunday… next weekend??

  5. Sounds good! Hopefully the weather will be nice by then.

  6. Im down, that would be awesome. Perhaps Rob and I will bring some of our creation over as well (Licorice and Valerian) since we are going to be bottling it tomorrow. That should give it… 10 days to carbonate in the bottles? That should be enough time.


  7. Sounds great to me! I have some 2 year old Belgian beers,, and we should crack a grand reserve clone.

    Keep those bottles warm, they will carbonate faster (25~27C), but not hotter than that.

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