Growing Hops – Part 2 – Planting the Rhizome

So I had a chance to plant my Mount Hood rhizome.  I got one of the biggest plastic pots that I could find and reasonably get away with in my office, filled it with organic vegetable and flower soil, dug a hole and planted the rhizome vertically.  There is so much debate about the orientation of planting a rhizome, either vertically or horizontally.  I just said, meh, and planted it vertically.  I figured that was okay because there are little shoots coming from the one size of the root, which is the end that I placed closest to the top of the soil.  I buried the rhizome about 1″ below the surface and watered the soil.

I also added on a few ‘features’ to help my little humulus plant thrive/survive.  I placed a small fan pointed at the pot to keep a good amount of air circulation going as well as a little desk lamp with a florescent ‘daylight’ bulb pointed at the soil to improve the initial light requirements of the plant.  I put both the fan and lamp on a timer so that they will automatically turn on and off.  The planter will also get about 7 hours of direct sunlight from the large window which is about a foot away.

All I have to do now is wait.

Planter full of soil with hole dug for rhizome

In goes the rhizome – good luck little buddy!

Extra lighting on timer

Fan rigged up to timer


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