Sheepshaggers Gold Ale

Clearly there is something sort of interesting and unorthadox about this golden ale. Just look at that sheep; it looks to be enjoying itself way too much for there not to be a sinister purpose behind it’s grin. Not really sure what the brewer’s were thinking in terms of the name, but the beer itself is a bit of a cultural rarity and is likely only available within the township surrounding the city where it is brewered. It’s doubtful in my mind that you would even be able to find this on draught in one of Scotland’s larger cities. Oh well. Maybe I will find out when I actually travel there on a European beer tour. Until that day I can only speculate.

But it is not a bad beer in general. A nice golden color as the name would suggest, a handsome head that lasts only for a brief time and a coppery, malty nose. The flavour is well balanced, clean and tastes as if it was brewed with water taken from a brook filled with mossy, algae covered pebbles (to me this is an excellent flavour). Quite easy drinking; pretty good. If I was in the area I would get it again, but nothing really spectacular. A  treat nonetheless, because I doubt I would ever have found this beer myself.

Thanks to Michelle for supplying me with this beer from Edinburgh, Scotland. Obviously I couldn’t have gotten it myself because I doubt this is popular enough to be exported to Canada. Thanks for the share, buddy.


5 Responses

  1. Pictures or it didn’t happen! This sounds interesting. Is it a herb beer? Scottish beers are a mystery to me.

  2. Done! And it is an ordinary beer (ordinary in respect to ingredients; malt and hops) and tastes more like an English pub ale than the Christmas historic beers of Scotland gift pack which is from a very old brewery which specializes in recipes from centuries past.

    I have not had very much Scottish beers, but this is definitely the most normal. Innis and Gunn isn’t bad either, and I can see what you mean by the majority of them being pretty wierd with odd processing stages or ingredients.

  3. Still looks pretty good, though that is a very sheepish looking sheep.

  4. Reblogged this on calmyourbeans.

  5. Reblogged? You can do that?

    Keep on shaggin’ those sheep buddy.

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