Thyme Ale – Bottling

Finally this jerk was ready to be bottled a few days ago. The original recipe stated that fermentation would take approximately 6-7 days, but this guy was fermenting for a solid 3 weeks before it finally calmed down. As I was bottling, I put a little bit into a glass and decided to try it. It tastes exactly like bread and smells like the inside of a really good Italian restaurant. Mama mia!

It is also really strong, likely 6-7% by my estimation. This is what gave me the hunch that I added too much sugar and yeast; that and the fact that there is a lot of yeast flavour, which is not all that common in beer. Given, my straining methods were a little crude and this beer is very much cloudy. I drank the remains of the inside of the carboy (except of course the very bottom which would be like drinking sludge) and it was incredibly yeasty and bready. I like it, but I like a lot of wierd stuff. So, in 7-10 days if you will be around, this beer will be ready for consumption. So come on by and try some!


3 Responses

  1. Hmm.. sounds intriguing. Not a flavour I would have considered using in beer, but I’d have a taste of yours!

  2. You should definitely make some bread and put this in it. Do it!

  3. Upset it took so long Tom.

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