Growing Hops – Part 4 – Week 3

I was very surprised when I came back from the long weekend to see this..

I have a feeling that “very vigorous” is going to be a constant theme with this plant.  I’ve seen pictures of leaves as big as 12″ diameter!  This could get interesting..


7 Responses

  1. Hoping to see some cones on that buddy.

    If you’re successful, I think I might just hop on the hop growing bandwagon (ha ha…) as well. It’d be swell to grow some Cannabinacea > Humulus > Lupulus here in the apartment.

    • I second that motion, having some hops would be pretty convenient. Also, the correct name of writing the specific epithet is in lower case, so it would be Humuls lupulus. If I wrote it capitalized on that art… then I was retarded.

  2. For sure, I’ll give you a root cutting from my hop plant when it establishes its root structure more.

  3. I can’t remember, but are you growing this in an office? I told a friend, and he said hop plants grow huge. He said they usually take 2 years to produce cones? Mind you, this conversation took place at a soccer tailgate, and our consumption of beer may have lead to a misunderstanding…

    • You’re absolutely correct. Hop plants are gigantic. I am also very fortunately to have a gigantic window that faces the sun for almost the entire day, which is why this may be possible. I am training the bines to grow across the bottom of the window (12 feet), then up the window (6 feet) then back across (12 feet). So in total I will have 30 feet of growing length. Its probably going to get a little ridiculous, but its just for this year to grow a good root system. Next year I will plunk it in the earth somewhere.

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