Thyme Ale Review

If you read my previous entry on how I bottled this beer, I sort of already talked about what I thought of the flavor. But the sample that I tried was from the very bottom right above all the herb and yeast sludge, as well as room temperature, and non-carbonated. So, given that these guys have been carbonating for 10 days, I tried one.

And: It was definitely carbonated. The recipe says that they will fully carbonate in 10 days to 2 weeks, so I suppose I could have waited longer, but whatever. It was fine. The source of the alcohol for this recipe was brown sugar, so it is really cidery. The beer that I am currently making (I will make a post about that soooon) is my first solo batch to be made from actual malt extract instead of sugar, so I am pretty excited about that one. Since all of my beers have turned out cidery from their sugar-based source I am getting used to this unusual yet pretty a-ok apple-y-ness. Now that summer has rolled around, it is pretty refreshing, and like I predicted earlier, pretty strong (perhaps 6 or 6.5%)

You can definitely taste the thyme and the rosemary, as well as too much yeast. I must reiterate that this beer(?) tastes like a loaf of bread. It also has an interesting pepper/pineapple sort of aroma. I have heard of yeast giving off weird flavors in beer, but I don’t really think that is the case here. It’s fine though, I still like it, so I guess thats all that counts? Even if it’s a wierd beer, it’s definitely alcoholic medicine. This would be the perfect beer to drink while eating something heavy, the thyme and rosemary will really help you out there. That was why they were added to food as spices in the first place, not for their flavor, which seems counter intuitive but is likely. Knowledge is power.


3 Responses

  1. Bring some on Tuesday.

  2. Meat balls and spatting! That sounds like the right pairing for this herb brew.

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