Growing Hops – Part 5 – Training (Week 4)

From here on in I will forgo the “Part” editions and just post updates on a weekly basis.

So, week 4 saw some more growth.  Of the several bines that initially poked up through the soil, only one has really taken off.  Perhaps this is because I the planter is too far from the window and the only light I have is from the desk lamp (Rob!  Remember our old merch lamp?  I’m putting it to good use now!).  The light from the lamp is sufficient, as I have a light measuring device (thanks to work) and it cranks out the same intensity as direct sunlight,, at 4 inches away.  I think that I will have to get another lamp to help provide more light coverage while I train the bines towards the window where it will get full sunlight.  Its this first 1~2 foot span that has minimal sunlight that the artificial light will have to supplement the light requirements.


3 Responses

  1. What a spoiled hops plant, lucky buddy. This is a pretty impressive setup you have here. What sort of bulb are you using in the lamp?

  2. Right now, just one 42 watt Daylight CFL bulb. It puts out 2,600 lumens of 6,500K colour range (optimal for vegetative growth). Its the highest power CFL bulb that you can get from Home Depot. Anything more you have to look at ordering custom stuff online, and it gets expensive. I think I can get by with 2 lamps, but 1 will have to do for now.

  3. Nice. Good to see it’s being used for something purposeful.

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