Heineken vs. PBR

Please welcome our newest contributor, Mr. Dennis Hopper:


Red Racer IPA

Here we go, a good old-fashioned commercial beer review…

This one is from Canadia, but it’s about as far from local as you can get. It’s from Surrey, BC. I know, shame on me for not buying local craft beers, especially since there is such an outrageous amount of local IPAs being produced right now.

I went to a craft beer tasting/show/thing here in Hamilton on the weekend, and was really shocked at just how many IPAs there are right now. Some are being produced on a large scale, while others are short-runs or even just experiments. The IPA trend right now is ridiculous… but awesome. I really like IPAs, especially in the summer. I find the crisp, citrusy bitterness of a retarded amount of hops to be completely refreshing, yet bold enough to still rank amongst some of my all-time faves.

I know that seems like an excessive amount, but the last time this beer made an appearance was in February. That’s a long time to wait for such a perfect summer-time ale. Thought it would be for the best to stock up.

Anyway, so you’ll have to excuse my indulgence in this not-so-local Canadian brew. It’s just too good to pass up. Out of all the IPAs I’ve had recently, this one REALLY stands out. It’s a strong ale, but not too strong. It is quite clean and easy-drinking, but it’s just strong to remind you to take it easy and make it last. To get an idea of what the real appeal of the flavour is, simply refer to the image below:

Whatever combination of various hops varieties they used for Red, it has an overwhelming citrus flavour. It’s like eating a ridiculously bitter grapefruit, but with just enough sugar to tone down the bitterness so that it isn’t overwhelming. This is a NEAR perfect IPA, in my opinion. Completely delicious.


I can only hope that that IPA we’re working on has a reminiscence of some of the flavour achieved in Red Racer. More on that soon.


Grand Reserve Clone Bottling

Not sure why the video is so blurry. I blame Ioni. Anyway, you get the idea.

The process:


The result:

The aftermath:

The tragedy:

Calamus Ale Version 2.0

I think B4B should start a YouTube channel…

I’ll post the videos and photos from the Grand Reserve bottling real soon.

Raise a Little Helles

Here’s another video review. This one is for Beau’s Helles Lager. This is more of a summer beer than a winter beer, but whatever…


We never did arrive at a rating for this one… maybe we can discuss it in the comments section?

Note: Helles is a lager, not an ale. Fail.

Flying Monkeys’ Super Collider

This past Saturday, the B4B crew got together at Chris’ place to partake in our first ever group brew (post coming soon). While we were brewing, we had a bit of downtime to drink some beer and do a couple of group reviews. Since we were all together, we decided to try doing a video review. Keep in mind we had all had a few by this point! Anyway, Chris was kind enough to share his Super Collider with the whole group. Special thanks to guest reviewers Alex and Neil.


I did take a photo of the notes and opinions we had written down, but apparently I was not capable of focusing the camera by that point…