Growers Dry Cider

(I did not take this photo, I don’t own a brick wall)

Well it’s summertime and I’m on the lookout for Fun and Refreshing beverages.  Don’t bite my head off for reviewing this beverage, as it is a cider and not really a beer.  But can we say a relative to the beer family?  Please?

Growers makes a number of fine beverages to excite your taste-buds on a hot summer day/night.  The flavors that I have found in the local LCBO are Peach, Granny Smith Apple and Blueberry.  Growers are based in British Columbia (though I don’t know if they grow any of the ingredients there).  I have tried both the Peach and the Granny Smith and will probably try the Blueberry sooner than later.

Both the Peach and Apple flavors offer you a nice dry yet sweet (not artificially sweet in taste or ingredients) fruity flavor.  Somewhat crisp with a moderately pleasant sharp taste and medium bubble.  The Peach is my preference over the apple, but merely by personal fruit-choice.  They are both good.  Though you can only get these in a 6-pack all of one flavor, they sure seem to disappear over a few days.  Wouldn’t a multipack make sense!?  Fruit salad is always better than eating 6 apples.  Not that apples are bad, just you need to diversify your fruit intake…  My best advice would be to pair a purchase of this cider with a nice wheat beer, lets say the new Paulaner Heffe-Wiessen that has magically shown up in the LC lately.

2-1/2 Heads of Glory