Mill St. Organic Lager

This straw-yellow European style lager is a little on the lighter side, with an alcohol content of 4.2%. The aroma is soft and fresh with a hint of distinctive skunk, and goes down smooth and crisp. A light, malty taste with little bitterness and a dry, astringent finish. A prime example of a beer that you could drink all night because it goes down so easily and is actually quite thirst quenching.

Without a doubt another success story for Mill St. This beer can pretty much be found anywhere, which is a tribute to just how popular it has become. I have never tried this particular beer on draught and I look forward to sampling it in the future, mainly because in the bottle it has been conditioned for 5 weeks before being distributed. So, my deductive reasoning says that without the short aging process this beer could potentially be very different. I wonder if there is a lot that can change in a beer over the course of 5 weeks? Maybe there is. I guess I am going to have to find out.

Plus, it’s organic, and we can’t forget about that little detail, can we? Might not seem like a big deal, but organic beer takes 2-3 times longer to brew and the ingredients are much more expensive because the barley and hops haven’t been blasted with insect neurotoxins. Tastes good, and it’s pretty good for you too. Could be a bit more flavorful, but Mill St. certainly achieved what they were going for. 2.75 heads.