St. Peter’s Honey Porter

Thank-you, St. Peter, for brewing this heavenly beverage. If one day, I walk with you, St. Peter, we shall savour one together. For now I will continue to purchase them for $4.67 per 500ml from my friendly neighbourhood BC liquor store. The people at this store are intense man, they ask for 2 pieces of I.D. EVERY time. Apparently at ‘ALC 4.5%’, a minor might get too krunk, so they’ve gotta cover their asses.

This beer is so tasty, that when all the bubbles that were left in the bottle after pouring it had popped (BIG, soapy looking bubbles), and turned into a tiny bit of liquid in the bottom, I made sure to pour the rest into my jar; I’m not wasting one drop. Yes, I used a jar again, and yes, I own a St. Peter’s glass. I miss my glasses. The St. Peter’s glass is actually my favourite beer mug entirely. It is very tall, handsome, manly, and wide enough to thoroughly enjoy the flavour with both aromatic senses. I would have enjoyed this honey porter even more with my St. Peter’s mug. It’s a serious mug for serious beers. There is no handle because their beers are great, even after being warmed up by your big, sweaty, ape hands. I did chill this beer in the fridge before consuming and it was as good cold as it was to the last luke-warm drop.

The aroma is of creamed honey from wild-flower meadows in Great Britain’s lush countryside. It is deep, dark, rich, creamy, and delicious. This is my first honey porter and it was exciting. I would also love to try Samuel Smith’s honey porter sometime. (Another excellent British brewery!) Any honey beers that I’ve had in the past were your average honey ales or lagers. (St. Pete’s Honey Porter is a ‘real ale’.) Not that I have never had a decent beer with honey in it, but none of them had the powerful, thick honey taste that I’ve been looking for. Look no further than St. Peter to do it right. It’s not overly sweet, nor flavoured, but the rich honey is blended perfectly with the hops and barley. As with the Winter Ale & Cream Stout, St. Peter takes the cake. Check out the website’s online shop to see their entire beer line-up:

If you ever happen to bump into me at St. Peter’s Hall in Nr. Bungay, Suffolk in the U.K., beware: I am likely very drunk. I might have to try them all if I ever make it there. It could even be an entire weekend’s endeavour. Or a month’s.

Do not deem me an ‘easy marker’ as I rate this beer. This being only my second review and I’m giving it the same high mark as the first, does not imply that I love all beer equally. It means I have been inspired to review these two primo beverages because they are so good that I am compelled to share them with the world. Don’t buy them at the liquor store in Powell River though, cause I want them all. I’ve also seen them in the Christmas gift packs in Ontario, and probably at Chester’s in Hamilton. Drink up when you get the chance. Though on the back of the bottle, warns you to “know your limits”. It recommends that men only consume 3-4 units daily, and women should stick to 2-3 units. A 500 ml bottle of Honey Porter is considered 2.25 “UK units”.

4 & 1/2 Paul Heads

Beer for Breakfast!

All I wanna do is drink Mill St. Coffee Porter for breakfast… while enjoying an actual breakfast on the side, of course. I can’t think of a better way to start the day. I highly recommend heading over to your local LCBO to grab some of this fantastic beer. It’s always a good idea to have some Coffee Porter kicking around for whenever you have a day off. Simply cook up your favorite greasy breakfast items, and serve with a bottle of Coffee Porter. You won’t be disappointed.

Coffee + Beer + Breakfast = 1 good time

The Mill St. Brewery and Balzac’s Cafe are both located in the Distillery District of Toronto, so it only makes sense that they would combine forces to produce one of the greatest beverage combinations known to man. The Mill St. Coffee Porter uses Balzac’s roasted coffee beans to give their porter its signature intense, dark coffee flavour.

While great with breakfast, this beer can be also enjoyed any time of the day (although I recommend having it while you break your fast in order to get the full effect). It’s great because it’s refreshing, but also provides you with that always welcome caffeine boost. This beer is definitely not for beginners though. It is quite heavy and intense. It’s also slightly stronger than the average beer (5.5%). First try something boring like Guinness (or Young’s Double Chocolate Stout, if you’re more adventurous). If you enjoy rich, dark beer like those, then you’ll probably like the Coffee Porter as well.

More Mill St. coming soon! I’m excited about this one…